Friday, July 27, 2012


never made it as a wise man, i couldn't cut is a poor man stealing, tired of living like a blind man...wait (!!!!) yes, yes these are nickleback lyrics. if out of sheer revulsion you want to close this browser window and never again come back, i understand...BUT i promise there is a relevant segue here. see first image below: the sketcher wedge sneaker. now, if those don't go hand in hand with nickleback then i am not sure what does. throw in a scrunchy and some 1994 lee jeans and you are basically the target audience for said band. now, if i recall correctly, these babies (sneakers, not band) were all the rage - you mean it's a tennis shoe and it has a platform too?!?!?!?!

hop, skip, jump, run to now and holy shit what do i see, but the explosion of the wedge sneaker, excuse me, trainer (because we all take trainers a little more seriously than sneakers). the first pair i saw were of course, the isabel marrant edition that seems to pop up on every style sighting page as well as a number of lovely bloggers. and yeah, they are a FAR, far cry from anything with branded with that iconic "s" on the side. however, i can't help the small part of me that wonders if i can a) still purchase scrunchies and if so, can they come in denim with sequins, or b) should i possibly put on nelly's country grammar album and some hot shorts (because in my mind, i get these two parallel, musically inspired images when i see heeled trainers). 

 someone stop the rambling now...but still, i want, i want, i want. call it consumeritis or call it the desire to be able to look back in ten years and say, holy hell! gotye really was a great singer! of course, i could just go with the classic vans sans heel... weigh in people.

respectively: sketchers (shudder), ash, isabel marant (of course), vans, asos x3, vans


  1. Adorei o blog, muito lindo, amei tudo. Parabéns mesmo, vou sempre estar aqui (;

  2. cute shoes! followed you, hope you can follow back!

  3. i'm sorry, but no matter how many bloggers wear those "trainers" they will always look stupid. it's just one of those trends that will never translate outside of a very small group of rich trend-conscious 20-somethings. like those hideous litas all the bloggers were wearing a few years ago that made their feet look like hooves. no offense to isabel marant, who is in most other respects a goddess.

    love the vans though. i've had a soft spot for high tops lately.

    1. God I love you. Everything in a nut shell.

  4. love the white shoes :)
    nice post
    btw can we follow each other?
    i promise i'll follow you back
    glad for visit here

  5. I think the first one are horrible :-D but I do adore that silver ones. just gorgeous

  6. i am not so much snickers lover, but i admit i like some of these i actually like :)


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  9. They look so lovely..! Want one (or more)! xo akiko
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  10. What a lovely blog. The design is impecable! I'm so glad I found you :)

  11. Now you've got that nickleback song stuck in my head. thanks for that... lol!

    I'm thinking I'm gonna run my next marathon in some wedged sneakers. I'll look so stylin' when I cross the finish line (or else break my ankle). lol! It's a good thing I don't run.