Monday, July 23, 2012


this edition of lovin' brought to you by an explosion of all things girl. except maybe the first one...but then again, i don't know many of the men-folk species who collect vintage matchbooks inside of delicate china tea let's just stick with the first sentiment then shall we?
as i was saying, girl - accessories, nails, magazines, shoes and more shoes. just a little collection of some things that have been putting a smile on my face and making flashy appearances during my outings.

vintage matches from tomboy and thrifted tea cup, finally found a new daily bag - r +j, nine west sandals, recent copies of guilty pleasure, summer colors from essie and uo, delicate copper and gem rings from stripe and ta-da my new asos booties!


  1. wow, lovely monday post!I love the shoes and the bag:)
    thx so much for following back and the lovely comment.
    xx chris

  2. love the essie nail polish!

  3. Such pretty bright polishes. I really need to get some booties for this fall.