Thursday, January 17, 2013

will you be there in the morning?

i created a new pandora station based around the 80's women duo heart (but also throws in some journey, aerosmith and an occasional foreigner song) to which e commented - it makes me want to kill myself. our musical tastes just collide sometimes. however, a heart song invoked a rather nostalgic feeling in the midst of my too-early-to-function-need-more-coffee haze this morning as their song, will you be there in the morning, played. cue my borderline unhealthy obsession with baked goods for breakfast and suddenly i want to tell  you about the most amazing oatmeal, banana muffin recipe i stumbled upon on pinterest (of course). these delicious and hearty treats at once embody the heart song while answering it: no, no you will not be there in the morning because i couldn't seem to keep you relegated to the first meal of the day and instead ate you at all times and thus canceled out any hope for prolonged breakfast rendezvous.

recipe credits go to this blog where you can find the whole deal. warning: there is blender involved and if your blender is anything like mine (with 143 settings) it may turn out to be a little bit messy. very worth it though. 


  1. yum! healthy and delicious!
    Happy sunday doll!
    Kisses from Miami,

  2. So delicious! Thanks for sharing. A good blender goes far! :)

  3. Messy is good! These look really delicious.

  4. looks so lovely and hearty!