Thursday, January 10, 2013

suspender time

oh i am never happy with the weather. give me months of sun and i ask for fall, give me wintery chills and i beg for spring, give me spring and i impatiently tap my foot waiting for days when the sun sets at 8 and i am on the beach until that point. in the mean time, i am attempting to resurrect some of the more fun aspects of my closet that have been hiding for too long. enter: suspenders and clashing prints. lesson learned from all of this: suspenders are a girls best friend. stop buying belts. go buy suspenders and then wear them with everything possible, clashing prints included. also, please take note of the small attempts at finding a lingering spring in the neighborhood...

 scarf old, ribbed tank target, uo jeans, vintage suspenders, hm cardigan, usual rings, lucky watch, aj morgan glasses


  1. Love these jeans on you, and the subtle suspender detail is awesome.

    The Wearist

  2. ahh those suspenders are SOOO cute =D LOVE those pants on you, by the way!

    xoxo can't wait to see more!
    Twitter: Sensiblestylist

  3. Love those suspenders & wide leg jeans!

    Hudson East

  4. Loving this cozy cardigan and your accessories!
    Nobody is ever happy with the weather. It's crazy!


  5. cute ring :)

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  6. Great look and blog. Lets follow each other?

  7. Nice way to wear suspenders !! I bought one but I still didn't wear it !

    xoxo from Japan

  8. Love the scarf x

  9. Love suspenders!! Despite what my friends say, they're not just for Larry King. You pull them off with pomp and circumstance.


  10. Perfect dress-up in winter season. Very beautiful to see you with nature. You are looking awesome with winter dresses. I love read this blog as it brings vast knowledge and experience. Keep up updating the post regularly.....